Skoven Sover

a performative night walk

Metronomes are playing a duet with the echo cast from a cliff-wall, a melodious voice is heard from a tree top while rustling noises in the forest bed is luring the visitors off path.

Originally created for the forest surrounding Ekkodalen on the island of Bornholm, Skoven Sover [the forest sleeps] is a performative walk that takes the audience on a journey through the forest at night time. With neither a guide nor a map the audience rely on their torches and a meandering grid of reflectors to find their way. The work re-interprets the landscape through sound installation, performance, and interactive installation.

Portfolio copy

Year: 2014
Client: Bornholms kulturuge
Site: Ekkodalen, Bornholm
Categories: Site-Specific Storytelling, Ritualistic performance, treasure hunt, parth making
Status: compleeted event

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